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This year Janmastami falls on 28.8.13. May Sri Krishna bless us all with Devotion and Knowledge on the auspicious day of Janmastami. 
Enjoy this nice song with beautiful scenes.


Janmashtami Celebration at Belur Math:
Janmashtami Decoration at Belur Math

Sri Suka said:
1.    Now came the most auspicious and favourable time when the star Rohini was in the ascendant and all the other stars and planets were in a very beneficent disposition.

2.    Peaceful silence reigned in all quarters. The stars shone clear in the sky. All the villages, cowherd settlements and mining quarries saw the dawn of a prosperous era.

3.    The rivers flowed with pellucid water. The tanks were full of lotus-blossoms. The woodlands were resonant with the chirping of fluttering birds and the buzzing of bees from flowers.

4.    Soft blew the breeze, dust-free and fragrant, and gently glowed the fires in the sacrificial hearths of the holy.

5.    Exceeding the minds of evil ones like Kamsa, the minds of all good men felt peace within. In the heavens the kettle-drums (Dundubhi) of the celestials sounded announcing the imminent birth of the Lord, who has no birth.
6.    The Kinners and Gandharvas sang; Siddhas and Charanas hymned; the Vidydharas with Apsaras joyously danced.

7.    The Munis together with Devas showered flowers with delight; and the clouds roared gently in tune with the ocean.

8.    At such a time, in the pitch darkness of midnight, Mahavishnu, the resident in the hearts of all, was born of the divinely beautiful Devaki, like the full moon rising on the eastern horizon.

9.    & 10. Lotus-eyed, four-armed, sporting the conch, mace and other weapons; with the luminous Srivatsa mark on the cheast and the shining Kaustubha on the neck; wearing a yellow cloth; possessed of the majesty and grace of a heavy rain cloud; with locks gleaming with the lustre of the diadem and ear-rings stubbed with precious stones; bedecked with splendorous ornaments like bracelets, armlets and waist girdle-such was the luminous form of the luminous child that greeted Vasudevas’s vision.

11. Looking with eyes wide-open with wonder at the form of Hari born as his child, Vasudeva in the excitement of the festivity of Krishna’s birth mentally gifted ten thousand cows to Brahmanas.

12. Realising the child to be none other than the Supreme Being and  recognishing his prowess, Vasudeva, with his intellect purified and mind free from fear, saluted and prostrated himself before him who was illuminating the whole of that lying-in room with his divine lustre, and began to praise him.

(From Srimad Bhagavata, Volume-III, Skandha-X: Chapter-3 Translation by Swami Tapasyanandaji)

Courtesy: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai-4

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Kathamo puja is performed in Belur Math on Janmashtami day. 
Kathomo is the word for the bamboo structure on which the clay idol is built.

Kathamo puja

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