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Great Masters of the mankind always taught people through stories to drive home a spiritual truth. Ramana Maharishi too is not exceptional. He told many stories to his devotees. Here are some of the stories told by him.

             1. Parvati's Test

Rama and Lakshmana were wandering in the forest in search of Sita. Rama was grief-stricken. Just then Siva and Parvati happened to pass close-by. Siva saluted Rama and passed on.

Parvati was surprised and asked Siva to explain why He, the Lord of the Universe, being worshipped by all, should stoop to salute Rama, an ordinary human who having missed his consort was grief stricken and moving in anguish in the wilderness looking helpless.

Siva then said, “Rama is simply acting as a human being would under the circumstances. He is nevertheless the incarnation of Vishnu and deserves to be saluted. You may test him if you choose.”

Parvati considered the matter, took the shape of Sita and appeared in front of Rama, as he was crying out the name of Sita in great anguish.

He looked at Parvati appearing as Sita, smiled and asked, “Why Parvati, are you here? Where is Sambhu? Why have you taken the shape of Sita?”

Parvati felt abashed and explained how she went there to test him and sought an explanation for Siva saluting him.

Rama replied, “We are all only aspects of Siva, worshipping Him at sight and remembering Him out of sight.”

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2. Sweet Speech OF SATI DEVI

Sati Devi , the wife of Siva and the daughter of Daksha, gave up her life as she was insulted by her father during the yajna performed by him. She was subsequently born to Himavan and Menaka as Parvati. She wanted only Lord Siva as her husband, and to achieve that purpose she set out for doing tapas.

Menaka, while trying to prevent her from doing so said, “U (no), Ma (give up).” That is how she got the name of Uma.

Finding Menaka’s dissuasion of no use, Himavan took her to the tapovana (hermitage)  where Siva was staying in the form of Dakshinamurthy and said, “This little child of mine wants to do tapas. Please allow her to be under your care.”

Seeing Parvati, Siva said, “Why tapas at this tender age? Why not go home with father?” Parvati replied, “No, I won’t go.”

Parameswara tried to dissuade her skilfully by saying, “I have conquered prakriti (nature) and so could concentrate on this tapas. If you are to be here you will be exposed to the ravages of prakriti. So please go back.”

Parvati was equally skilful, so she said, “Oh Lord! You say you have conquered prakriti. Without some relationship with prakriti how could you do tapas? You have just spoken. How could you do that without prakriti? How could you walk? Without your knowing it, prakriti is occupying your heart. If it is not for the sake of argument, if you are really above the influence of prakriti, why are you afraid of my staying here?”

Siva was pleased with this and said, “Ingithagna! (you who are skilled in thought reading), Madhurvachani! (you who are sweet of speech) stay on!” and sent Himavan home.

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3. Tapo Bhrashta(Fallen from the state of AUSTERITY):

Nakkirar was doing tapas on the bank of a tirtha. A leaf fell down from the tree; half the leaf touched the water and the other half touched the ground. Suddenly the water half became a fish and the land-half became a bird. Each of them was united to the other by the leaf and struggled to go into its own element.

Nakkirar was watching it in wonder  and suddenly a spirit came down from above and carried him away to a cave where there were already 999 captives, all of whom were tapo bhrashtas.

Devotee: “Was Nakkirar a tapo bhrashta?”
Bhagavan: “Yes. While engaged in contemplation, why did he fall from contemplation and take to watching the mysterious happening in front of him? Nakkirar composed Tirumurukatruppadai and obtained the release of all the thousand prisoners.”

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