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Ramakrishna appeared in various forms to different devotees at different times and revealed his Divine nature. Their visions prove that Sri Ramakrishna was God with multiple forms – Rama, Krishna, Chaitanya, Christ etc.  Sri Ramakrishna himself told his devotees many times:  “I am an Avatar[incarnation]. I am God in human form”. Christ, Gauranga, and I are one.

Here is an account of the fact that Sri Ramakrishna is God incarnate and he revealed Himself as Jesus Christ to an ardent devotee of Christ.

At that time Sri Ramakrishna was staying in a rented house [now called Sympukur Bati (see picture)] at Sympukur in  Kolkata and undergoing cancer treatment. One day he suddenly told his household devotee Ram and others: “Hallo Ram(see picture). Just now I had a vision of a monk with a well-built body who was wearing an ochre cloth. I have never seen him before.”

Ram replied with a smile: “Sir, what do we know? You see so many things in heaven and earth. How can we comprehend them all?” “Really I have seen a monk,” said Sri Ramakrishna. “But I don’t know who he is.”

About an hour passed. A man came wearing a black shirt and a black cap. He asked a devotee: “Sir, does Ramakrishna Paramahamsa live here? I have come to see him. Could I see him right away?” “Of course,” replied the devotee. He took him to Sri Ramakrishna’s room [now kept as a shrine room].

After sitting there quietly for a while, he said to Sri Ramakrishna: “Sir, I am a Christian, and for a long time I have mediated in solitude on Christ. Though I am a Christian and my Chosen Deity is Christ, my mode of worship is like the Hindus, and I believe in their Yoga Scriptures. Once I had a desire to find someone who had attained the highest spiritual realization while still in the world. One day in meditation I saw two persons. I had the strong feeling that one of them had attained the highest and that the other one seated at his feet, though he had not yet reached the highest, was not an ordinary person.

“After this vision I felt certain that such great souls must exist, but where were they, and how could I find them? I travelled to many places especially in the western part of India, seeking the two I had seen in my vision. At last I heard of Pavahari Baba of Ghazipur, and I went to see him. But when met him, I was greatly disappointed because he bear no resemblance whatever to either of the two men I was seeking. To my astonishment, however, I saw a picture of one of them hanging on the wall in his room. When I asked Pavahari Baba about it, he said it was a picture of   Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Eagerly I asked, ‘Where can I find him?’ Then Pavahari Baba told me that for many years he had lived at Dakshineswar, but was now very ill and his devotees had moved him to Kolkata for treatment. So I am here, having come to Kolkata at Pavahari Baba’s suggestion.”

Then the man went on to say: “These clothes that I am wearing are not my usual dress.” And as he spoke he stood up and removed his outer garments, revealing an ochre cloth. Instantly Sri Ramakrishna also stood up and went into Samadhi, raising his hand, as it is seen in the picture of Christ. At this, the monk* knelt down before him with folded hands and looked intently at Sri Ramakrishna. The monk was shedding tears and was shivering.

After some time   Sri Ramakrishna came back to normal consciousness and sat on his bed. The monk looked at the devotees, his face beaming with joy, and exclaimed: “Today I am blessed.”

Then he was taken to an adjacent room to give food. Finally he was asked the cause of his ecstasy. “Well, he replied, “today I saw the one on whom I have meditated for so many years. I saw Lord Jesus in him.”

*Note: The monk’s name was Prabhudayal Mishra. His birth place was in the western part of India, and he belonged to the Quaker sect of Christianity.

Source Book:  “Ramakrishna as we saw Him”

Pictures:Courtesy to- shyampukurbati.org

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much brother/sister for posting such a wonderful revelation for all to know. The second person Mishra saw in the vision who was sitting at Sri Ramakrishna's feet could be Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna's dearest and most illustrious disciple who carried his message around the world. May the Great Master, Holy Mother and Swamiji Maharaj shower their choicest blessings on all their children!